Picture of Amber by Julie Vino at New York Bridal Market 2015We had an amazing time in New York City with the Julie Vino Team. We’ll be posting more pictures from the trip over the next couple of days but wanted to share a picture of Carolina Rojas – our favorite Dominicana in New York! She is totally rockin’ this dress by Julie Vino and we are so excited to bring this beautiful piece from New York back to our bridal boutique in Michigan.

Amber by Julie Vino | Le Salon Bridal Boutiques Michigan

This dress is Amber from the Provence Collection by Julie Vino 2015. Isn’t gorgeous?!? It is available to try on at Le Salon Bridal Boutiques Michigan. Call us for an appointment at 313-924-1651. Julie Vino Haute Couture Wedding Dresses start at $7500 – $14,000.