Woodsy wonderland meets rustic glam in the unique and breathing style shoot, “The Spa.” Wedding Essentials has done it again. With the earthy tone of a majestic garden, blended with sparkling golds and perfect pastels, this scene is as different as it is memorable.

Let’s talk atmosphere. If you are a bride that is looking to give off a sultry modest feel with just the right amount of glam, take notes. Not only does this scene embody all that is natural and imperfect in natural, it gathers the elements that are sure to dazzle anyone’s eye, such as bold metallic accents and intricate centerpiece designs. Even if you are not looking for the romantic forest feel that this vintage theme “wedding embodies, just remember, the balance in the two contradicting auras can still be taken into account while looking at your own unique theme.


The Spa Spread 1

Speaking of unique, another twist to the modern wedding is when a bride toss is dress number two! That’s right, adding in another dress is no longer seen as a No No, or as something far fetched. In this shoot, the two gowns, our stunning Paislee and jaw-dropping Therese (both Allure gowns), went together like moon and the stars to complete this already awing shoot. An added bonus? Whether deciding on a delicate sweetheart or on a sophisticated gown with a to-die-for keyhole back, this shoot demonstrates how the right elemental additive, in this case, lace, can make it possible to showcase Both on your special day.

As stated time and time again, the right elements create the most novel,alluring scenes. A shot such as this one, will not be forgotten and will catch any eye. We are more than pleased with the turnout of the amorous shot, from everything to the cozy brick fireplace to the elegant yet carefree fishtail braid worn by the doll-like model. Everything just flows.

The Spa Spread 2

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