Le Salon had the privilege of working hand in hand with local photographer Brit Solie of Solie Designs. The result? Just take a look.

Combine the gorgeous Le Salon model, Rachel, with the wondrous beauty of Yakima WA, and the gifted shots compliments to photographer Britt Solie, and what do you have? We’ve stepped out of reality and into desert daydream.

Each shot is smoldering with eye candy, the sights, the model, and let’s not forget, the gowns. Don’t be surprised when we inform you that all of the show-stopping gowns are none of than Julie Vino designs. We needed something as breathtaking as the gorgeous sights, and Julie Vino never fails to impress.

Take another glimpse at these unreal wedding gowns. Cindy, is a delicate lace dress, complete with long sleeve for a more classical look, (but they’re also detachable). Let’s not forget about the Lilianne gown. The silky smooth number with subtle lace inserts and should cutouts is undoubtedly one of a kind. Top it off with a eye popping lace neckline and flirty peak-a-boo and you know that no one will be able to take their eyes off this bride. Steal a glance at the Marlis gown. Another perfect long sleeve gown with a gorgeous low back and just the right about of lace has us smitten again. Did you check out that daring deep V? Talk about a risk that pays off! Last but not least, the Eden gown it one to remember. Have you ever seen a high low designed like this? We haven’t. A dainty lace halter top bodice with a flowing skirt gives new meaning to romance.

Did we say these shots are drench in beauty? Ohh, we know we did, but we forgot to mention our model’s celeb-worthy hair and make up. Who’s to take credit? None other than our Seattle Sales Director, Nikki. She joined in as the stylist for the shoot along with adding the perfect personal touches to each look such as the daring leather jacket or a full Swarovski crystal veil if she so chooses. Our creative team member wanted to prove that a bride can rock all sorts of accessories with the right personality.

Our favorite part of the shoot? Not only are four very distinctly different looks showcased, each look can be so different depending on how a bride would chooses to wear them, and this shoot shows just that! The entire project is proof that a “wedding dress” can be worn anywhere a bride wants! From a dusty desert road, to a pasture,or event in the middle of the desert.

All in all, we Love how these shots turned out. Big thanks to Brit, who brainstormed the idea with us and made two things that were already gorgeous, Rachel and Julie Vino gowns, even more breathtaking.

























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