The first FLASH SALE FRIDAY is this week!

  • Pronovias “Tera” | Size 10
  • Regular Price: $2050, $1435 (saves $615)


Affectionately known as “Flash Fridays” – it’s a one time sale for an in-stock or over-stock wedding dress at Le Salon locations. Unlike other boutiques trying to desperately sell old samples, these dresses are in new or nearly-new condition. Sometimes, over-stock dresses are flown in from designers. Once in love, buy and take the dress home with you that day!

book-appointment-lesalonPrices that are 30-40% off! Dresses are first come, first serve, final sale, sold as is. So if 3 brides book an appointment on Friday and the first 1 buys, the dress is sold. We’ll text the other 2 brides and they can either cancel their appointment or view other dresses in the boutique (although not with the same deal as the FSF dress)

Love this dress? In your size or can alter in? Book your appointment today! Stylefile is required to book an appointment which includes a full body picture upload.


Flash Friday ends at 5:00 PM PST. The real time countdown is below. The countdown also ends if someone buys the dress. If the dress isn’t sold, it returns back to its regular price.

-677Days -19Hours -21Minutes -8Seconds


  • What does First Come, First Serve mean? Brides can checkout dresses on their phone using our website. To keep it fair to all brides, whoever checks out the dress online gets it. So if the bride in the 2nd appointment has just put on the dress, but the 1st bride decided after leaving that she wants it and checks it out online – the dress has been bought. Even if the 2nd bride decides she wants it, the 1st bride already bought the dress. She can still buy the style – but not the one already spoken for and also not at the Flash Friday price.
  • Can I just walk in? Sorry – the sale, and all appointments at Le Salon, are by appointment only and require a stylefile to book.
  • Can I split up payments? Sorry – you must pay the discounted price in full – otherwise the next bride can have a chance to purchase the dress.