With a stylistic vision for something that is unique and different in the bridal market, Julie Vino brings something extraordinary to our world of white. Flattering and distinctive, Vino’s gowns embody timeless beauty with just a touch of modern fashion, a perfect recipe for your perfect gown.

We’re sure you’ve seen Vino’s gowns on Pinterest or maybe in even your dreams. These one of a kind gowns are bound to awe any audience and any bride. With the finest fabrics, most luxurious designs, and absolutely becoming silhouettes, a bride can’t help but fall in love. Looking to be that “wow” bride? These gowns will do the trick.

Vino wants to make sure dreams do come true. Why else would she be bringing her gowns to Seattle, NYC, and LA? These showrooms are all set for few trunkshow extravaganzas! Not only are these trunk shows the perfect opportunity for the entire country (and even those outside of it) to get a piece of Vino’s creative designs, brides receive 10% off an order as well. Trying on gowns to die for and getting a discount? You couldn’t ask for more.

In order to get into one of these breathtaking little numbers, brides must book appointments at our showrooms, listed on the trunk show schedule and our JV USA home base in Michigan. Prior, a pre-appointed interview with a team member is in order to discuss styles, timing, and other interests about the gown and wedding.

From there, the magic happens! Dresses are flown to each trunk show, selected by the bride and JV USA team to ensure the bride is trying on the gowns she loves as well as dreamy gowns that will have her head over heels. Call in today to secure your spot to step into these dazzling gowns.

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