Julie Vino Invite

Bigger, better, bolder. All brides are on the prowl for the “one of a kind” gown to top off their perfect day while adding to their individual and unique style. Finding this dream gown doesn’t come easy, and finding on that isn’t like all the rest may be even harder. Don’t fret just yet, Julie Vino’s collection has found its way into the hearts of countless brides and onto the racks of Le Salon. The diverse collection has anything silhouette and style that a bride is dying to try on. These gowns can be yours for the picking and we’ll tell you just way this is such a big deal.

Description Date  Time
Los Angeles | Private Showroom  July 8th, 2015  By Appt. Only
New York | Private Showroom  July 9th, 2015  By Appt. Only

Fashion forward and looking for the latest designs? Typically, one may look over to our European counterparts for inspiration or gain but in this situation, that isn’t the case. Australia and even Europe haven’t had the pleasure of beholding these magnificent creations, compliments Vino. The debut of these aweing gowns will be in none other than the USA, making their way straight out of Israel and into our showrooms in NYC and LA. This is more than a big deal. With women flying in from Australia and even New Zealand for the chance to snatch up one of these dreamy gowns, we know appointments will go quickly.

With the list of some already waiting to step into these show-stopping gowns, you might want to call now. Julie Vino’s designs hit the Big Apple on July 19th for the trunk show of the century. If you’re in the area, be sure to call in and reserve your spot to check out these exclusive gowns.

LA is graced by Vino’s gowns on July 8th. With only one day, spots are going fast so be sure to take advantage of these opportunity.







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