It was New York Fashion Week (also known as: the best week of the year), and his booth was swarmed with press.

rafael-cennamoThe buzz was unbelievable. Vogue wanted a piece of him. Grace Ormonde wanted a piece of him. And Le Salon? We got him! After one look at Rafael Cennamo’s beautiful and cutting-edge bridal couture, we were smitten kittens – we just had to have his collection. (Oh, and it’s pronounced Rafael chen-ah-mo, for those of you who want to wow your friends with your designer savoir-faire.)

Le Salon has always been among the first to know what’s hot in fashion, and I hate to brag, but well…we’ve really outdone ourselves this time. Rafael Cennamo’s collection is wicked-cool, and we’re so stoked to be the first boutique to bring it to the midwest. We knew our couture brides would fall for his refreshingly youthful concoctions the same way we did.

So to get the scoop on our favorite new designer, we called up one of the fabulous fashionistas on Rafael Cennamo’s team, Maegan Campbell – a charismatic OC girl living the fashionable life in New York City.  We just love her (and her sweet OC Valley Girl accent!)

Maegan clued us in that the designer’s devotion to fashion is non-stop – even when he’s off the clock.

Maegan: He loves beauty! He loves to do his friend’s hair and make-up on the weekends as they get ready to go out, and he just loves to dress them up.

Everyone wants to be dressed by Cennamo. After all, name a red-carpet celebrity, and chances are, they’ve worn a Rafael Cennamo masterpiece. His sophisticated evening-wear has been worn by the likes of Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Anne Hathaway, Gwen Stefani, Carrie Underwood, Kristen Chenoweth, Eva Longoria, Julianne Hough, Rihanna, Ashley Tinsdale, Carmen Electra . . . you get the point.cennamo1

Rafael Cennamo burst onto the fashion scene shortly after moving to New York in 2010, catching his big break by catching the eye of Carrie Underwood, who fell in love with one of his elaborate evening-wear pieces.

Maegan:  He had a dress worn by Carrie Underwood at the CMA’s, which was chosen because it was this big elaborate gown that kind of took over the stage.  It went on tour across the United States with the Grand Ole Opry, so that was one of his huge milestones that really got him a lot of attention.

Rafael Cennamo’s creations are a natural choice for the stage.  Many of his designs have just the right mix of drama and sophistication to make an impression on audience members at a distance, but the real magic happens when you move in just a little closer.

Maegan:  His attention to detail is just . . . once you look at a dress up close, there’s so many little details that go into the design of his dresses that make every dress so special in it’s own way.  


Dripping with pearls and crystal beading, Katy Perry wowed red carpet onlookers  at the pre-Grammy Gala in a long-sleeved, cream-colored confection of Rafael Cennamo’s.  It was one of the designer’s recent favorites, and if you’re a pearl girl like myself, I bet you’re coveting  it.  Katy donned the look to turn heads on the red carpet, but it was actually designed to walk down the aisle.  It’s no surprise that Cennamo’s bridal-wear designs have crossed over onto the runway.  You only get married once, but I guarantee there’s more than one Rafael Cennamo dress you’d die for; they each have their own unique charm.

Maegan:  He likes to say for his bridal collection that he doesn’t design with one bride in mind.  Each dress is a different bride.  You can see personalities in every dress that he designs.  If you look at the couture collection, Raphaela is a destination bride, Coco is more of the elaborate princess bride who wants to be a little different, and Diane is the ultimate princess bride.



A Biento,


Rachel Shinville – Editorial Team

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