Not sure which gown will look equally fabulous on everyone, including your soon to be very pregnant bridesmaid?  Try Bari Jay 3555 or Bari Jay 3911: they’re Bari Jay’s two most popular maternity styles for a reason.


(Hint: Remove the “3” at the start of the style number for regular sizing of this style. 3555 corresponds to 555 for regular sizes & 3911 corresponds to 911. Makes sense, huh?)

Pregnant Bridesmaids? What to do?

With pregnant bridesmaids an empire waist is the clear choice. “When you’re pregnant, you don’t really have a waist,” explained Lisa, our good friend over at Bari Jay. To give the still smoking hot mommy-to-be the illusion of a waist, the dress should fit at the smallest part of their body right now: just under the bust.

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Rachel Shinville, Editorial Team

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