Are you a bride like no other?  A one of a kind gown is perfect for a one of a kind bride.  When you are living in a world of white, everything starts to look that same.  Seattle brides have seen it all, so finding something different can be quite the task.   These unique brides want a gown with elegance and romance but refuse to look like “just another bride.”  In other words, these brides know that trendy doesn’t necessarily mean unforgettable.

Pronovias embodies all that a unique bride wants, with years of European couture experience and an ageless beauty that will withstand time, this powerhouse has never missed a wedding.  As for international brides, fashion forward dresses are beautiful, but many lean towards a timeless look. Timeless beauty and grace are more desirable for these brides that have a heart in tradition and an eye for allure.  With silhouettes that drop jaws and luscious laces complemented by intricate designs, it’s no wonder that Pronovias is also a top pick for these brides.

Now don’t let us confuse you.  The brand breathes ageless perfection but Pronovias is undoubtedly a trendy pick that modern and classical brides alike.  Just look at Victoria’s Secret model, Irina Shayk.  During the Pronovias and Atelier Pronovias show in Barcelona, the model beauty stepped into one of the showstopping gowns from the 2016 Collection.  The already gorgeous woman in the heavenly gown made for a surreal site as many crane necks for a better look.  Can we blame them?  Not even slightly.

Seattle brides, our lead Pronovias expert can get you into the perfect gown you’ve been searching to.  From New York City to Barcelona, has the expertise along with the everlasting beauty of Pronovias gowns to get you in the dress that’s “right” for you.  Get the best service in Seattle along with the most stunning gowns in the world here at Le Salon Bridal Seattle, Text Us us at  (929) 274-3378