Clean, classic, and crisp: Ashley’s big-day look was seriously seamless.

Because she started her dress search early (smart girl!) she had tons of time to get narrow in on those finishing touches that can really make or break a look: like the lace bolero she had custom-made for her gown.  “I was really looking for a keyhole back,” said Ashley, “but I fell in love with one that was strapless!”  It was truly a dilemma, until Ashley’s stylist – the fabulous Alexis – recommended ordering extra lace to have a bolero made, and the final product was definitely a winner. “I love everything, but that bolero put together the whole look I was going for!

On top of the gorgeous bolero, we were crazy about Ashley’s accessories: we just love when our brides glam up the pearls with some Swarovski for that extra “wow” factor. Ashley upped the taste level of her look by not overdoing the bling: just a chunky statement bracelet here, a sparkly hair piece there, and a sweet pair of earrings (a wedding day gift from her hubby, cute!) – all mirroring the subtle embellishments on the bodice of her gown.

Whether or not Anthony noticed all the little details (he was sure she was going to wear something with a big bow after all, which she had a good laugh about!) he sure noticed how gorgeous she looked, as if anyone could miss it.  “You could see it in his smile when I walked down the aisle…” 

ashleycooke1ashley-2ashley-3ashley-4ashley-5ashley-6ashley-7ashley-8ashley-9ashley-10ashley-11ashley-13ashley-14ashley-15ashley-16ashley-17ashley-18ashley-19ashley-20ashley-32ashley-33ashley-34ashley-35 ashley-36Bridal Fashions: Paradiso Couture – Le Salon Bridal Shop, Birmingham, Michigan (MI) | Bridesmaids Fashions: Le Salon Bridal Shop, Birmingham, Michigan (MI) | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Colony Club, Detroit, Michigan (MI) | Photographer: Lorree Smith Photography 

Oh, and I’d be totally remiss if I neglected to mention that Ashley’s bridesmaids were total knockouts in their elegant, one-shouldered dresses that provided just the right complement to Ashley’s strapless gown :)  

A Biento,

Rachel Shinville, Editorial Team

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