Julie always dreamed of wearing a big ballgown dress. So at the end of her first appointment at Le Salon, she was surprised when her mom pushed her to try on an all crystal-laden mermaid dress by St Pucchi. She LOVED it. (Mom always knows best, doesn’t she?) She couldn’t get it out of her mind, but this put her at a total loss.  She absolutely couldn’t part with that stunning mermaid dress but there was no way she was giving up on the bridal ballgown she’d dreamed of as a little girl either.

Instead of buying two dresses, the Le Salon team proposed a custom ballgown skirt that could detach to reveal the glamorous & sleek mermaid look she fell in love with. She double-checked other bridal boutiques to see if any other possible options would compare, and of course, there were none. She fully trusted Le Salon to put together this beautiful convertible look and after getting started, she never looked back – as you can see it looked amazing.


The look was made seamless with a custom waistband. Reappearing at the reception after dinner without the ballgown skirt, everyone was surprised.  No one would have suspected it was a convertible gown, which is what we were going for – because if it looks like the pieces are just that, pieces, what’s the point?

To show off her perfect dress, we collaborated with our Ariel Jennifer Taub to design two veils: a long veil for the ballgown, and a short veil for the mermaid.  Avoiding what could have been a heartbreaking snafu – catching (and ripping!) her veil on the crystals – Ariel customized the short veil to perfectly mirror the back of the dress.  Sometimes, you really can have it all – Julie sure did!

julie02 julie03

Bridal Fashions: 521 St Pucchi Couture + Custom Detachable Ballgown Skirt – Le Salon Bridal Shop, Birmingham, MI | Bridal Accessories: “Custom 2-Tier Aria Veil” by Ariel Jennifer Taub | “Charlize” by Benjamin Adams | Venue: Penna’s, Sterling Heights, MI | Photographer: Wilson Sarkis Photography, West Bloomfield, MI

A Biento,

Rachel Shinville, Editorial Team

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