Here at Le Salon Bridal Couture, we not only celebrate wedding fashion and dresses but the wedding stories of our local community as a whole. We love our engagement features and although you don’t have to be an LS Bride to be featured, we are happy to introduce our first engagement feature in Seattle with LS Bride Allison!




Photographer: Jordan Voth Photography | Ceremony Venue: Family Home, Bainbridge Island | Reception Venue: Virginia V SteamshipHair: Hair by Todd Baylor | Wedding Dress: Le Salon Bridal Boutique Seattle (WA)

How did you meet?

We met at a work party. Joe was in Seattle from North Carolina where he was living at the time. A friend of ours pulled us together and introduced us.

Was it love at first sight?

No. He asked me out about 4 times before I finally said yes. But on our second date he told me he was going to marry me.

What makes you guys click?

We have a shared love of nature. We love hiking, boating, running, skiing and CrossFit. We also love to travel – we’ve been on over a dozen trips together in the last year.

How did he propose?

We were hiking the Wonderland trail around Mt Rainier on a 4-day backpacking trip, camped by Mowich Lake. The first day it rained and snowed the whole afternoon. Finally the sun came out, and Joe asked me to go on a walk down by the lake. We walked and talked for a few minutes, then he stopped turn around, told me that he loved me, and got down on one knee. He told me I had a brief look of terror and surprise. Despite his view, I felt an incredible sense of happiness. It was truly wonderful and sweet.

Did you see the proposal coming?

No clue! I was wearing a hat, headlamp, puffy coat and holding a beer can. Not exactly my most glamorous moment.

Date night advice?

Our favorite dates start with a long hike and end with a fancy dinner.