Every now and then, we have the privilege to meet someone who is truly passionate about what they do and incredibly talented as well. Even less often do you find someone who decides to follow their soul and make a career out of this. As the store director at Le Salon Seattle, I take it personally that I give my brides excellent vendor recommendations for other people who might make their day as special and memorable as possible. And I found that in Brit, from Solie Designs.

Long ago I was given opportunity to meet and work with Brit about her vocation and company Solie Designs Photography. Like working with many wedding vendors, I knew that this gifted woman would give me some insights on her world of photography and all the perks and glory, (as well as trials), that come along with it. What I didn’t know was that I would soon become friends with this darling gem. Not only was she hilarious, she had a laid back personality that many wish they had and was constantly up for fun. Needless to say, her personality is infectious and I found myself questioning why it took me so long to find this wonderful woman to call a friend.

When I met Britt at our new Seattle Showroom we were excited to get photographs of the space done (they turned out amazing, go over to her blog to see her post on Le Salon.) And of course, we took a few moments over coffee to talk about our respective passions for our businesses.

Of course, I had to know how she even got into the businesses. Britt says:
“I loved photography all through high school and while most of my friends were taking the classic route of business, accounting, advertising, etc I was compelled to take pictures. I loved being able to capture personal moments in people’s lives to be cherished forever. I was afraid at first to open my own business knowing the success rate for photographers can be quite low, but after the birth of my daughter Solie, I wanted to be able to tell her to follow her dreams and do what she really loves but how could I tell her that when I didn’t even follow my own advice?! So I took the leap of faith and started Solie Designs.”

Notice Solie, her daughters name? Turns out there is even more behind the name than that, and I found it fascinating and it yet again proved what an amazing person Brit is.

“Solie is my maiden name and holds a very near and dear place in my heart because my Grandma Susie Solie gave me so much of my creativity and drive to do what I love. My grandma was the most giving and selfless person. One of the reasons I love photography so much, is it’s my way I can give to others, by creating not just lasting memories but lasting relationships.”

Although this may go unsaid, Brit is a risk taker. So many people go through life, going through the phases and doing what they need to but not necessarily what they love. Not only did I feel refreshed, I felt inspired by her passion to do what she wanted and loved.

Of course, we continued to talked and yet again I was overtaken by how easy going she was.

“I think my customers truly appreciate that I am laid back, and never afraid to be creative with my art. My job is special and I take it seriously that people’s special moments are shown in a personal and amazing way in my photos.”

We went more in depth about her creativity and her admiration for the career as a whole.

“Whether I am shooting a bride, a newborn, the family dog, or the sunset, every picture I take is a part of me and I am happy to share that with my clients.”

Not only is this woman fun and easy to talk to, she is inspiring. Our conversation simply flowed and I feel like a more well rounded person after just one conversation with her. And the big question came. What is the most important thing to Brit about being a photographer?

“The most important thing I can do with my photography isn’t the picture it’s self but relationships and impressions I have on my clients. I learn something new with each couple I shoot and to give a picture of a client that truly means something to them you need to know them! Not just on a outward level but on a personal one. So when they look back at that picture they remember how much fun they had, and how I care not just about their pictures but them as people as well. I am so incredibly lucky to have the opportunities I do working with such amazing people. From watching couples begin their new lives together, to traveling to new destinations and seeing them through my lens, to meeting and working with new friends who share the same passion I do, I am constantly evolving and becoming a better and more adventurous photographer and I think that shows in my work. I truly love what I do.”

Thank you Brit for an amazing day, a wonderful interview and a fantastic blog post. Go see Brit’s Le Salon post on her blog here.

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